Parelli Level 2 Freestyle Audition

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    sibylle schrieb am Montag 27. April 2009 um 21:39 Uhr:

    Mail vom Parelli Office:

    Hi Sibylle,

    Thank you for your audition, it was a pleasure to assess you again! Congratulations, you are now officially level 2!!!!!! You were assessed at a level 2 standard for your Freestyle savvy!!

    Your friendly game is level 3!! Be sure to rock your pony’s weight to help him get ready for you to mount. Then be sure to pause and rub the opposite shoulder to get permission before you get on. Be sure to look up and over your shoulder when asking for a direct rein. Turn your toe out when asking for an indirect rein. Establishing a strong pattern of follow the rail will be important for level 3. Your relationship, expression, and rapport with your horse is a level 2+ standard, as well as your porcupine, and squeeze games! Great job, keep up the good play!

    Keep it natural!

    Kristi Smith
    Parelli Audition Team


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